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Cariad Welsh heart necklace

A handcut sterling silver heart with Cariad message. Finished on a sterling silver snake chain


Squiggle necklace

A handmade sterling silver squiggle shaped necklace on a delicate sterling silver trace chain


Silver hoop earrings

Handmade sterling silver hoop earrings with a sterling silver straight ear post and butterfly back


Silver leaf earrings (medium)

Handmade textured silver leaf earrings with a polished finish


Labradorite dangle earrings

Handmade silver earrings with a Labradorite stone setting finished on Sterling silver earwires


3 Hearts Fingerprint Necklace

3 Silver Fingerprint Heart Charms of different sizes on a Sterling Silver Snake Chain. The charms can be hand engraved with text of your choice or left plain.


Personalised square cufflinks
Personalised square cufflinks

A pair of handmade square cufflinks finished to a highly polished shine. These can be personalised with up to 3 letters or numbers  of your choice or they can be left plain. Please email me once you have placed your order with your choice of initials. If I do not receive an email, plain cufflinks will be sent out. 


Bark textured silver ring

Handmade sterling silver ring with a bark texture


Oxidised lines large cuff bracelet
Oxidised lines twisted cuff...

Handmade sterling silver matte finished cuff bracelet with oxidised lines pattern and a slight twist


Love necklace

Handmade forged silver 'Love' necklace on a 16" sterling silver lightweight chain


Silver cloth

Perfect for keeping your silver looking as good as new, I use these cloths myself and find the results are very good. 


Chunky ring

A handmade chunky textured mens ring or wedding band with a polished finish


Personailsed chunky oxidised ring

A handmade chunky textured mens ring or wedding band with an oxidised finish personailsed with lettering or numbers of your choice on the inside of the ring


Blue glass heart pendant

A lovely blue glass heart with motled silver colouring ove the top on a silvery white leather thong pendant


Narrow tiny flowers cuff bracelet

A narrower design than my other cuffs, this handmade sterling silver cuff bracelet has an oxidised tiny flowers pattern


Forged silver bangle

a silver bangle with forged ends which almost meet in the middle 


Curved triangle stud earrings

Textured curved silver triangle stud earrings 


Memory drop heart charm

Textured silver heart  with your loved ones ashes sealed inside.


Single Heart Fingerprint...

A single small Silver Fingerprint Heart Charm on a Sterling Silver Snake Chain. The charms can be hand engraved with text of your choice up to a maximum of 6 letters or left plain. 


Personalised tiny silver heart...

A small polished silver heart personalised with a name up to a maximum of 5 letters


2 rings personalised necklace

A handmade hammer textured necklace of 2 different sized rings each personalised with a name of your choice. Finished on an 18"  snake chain


Heart + Hematite spinning ring

A handmade textured ring with 2 hematite stones and 1 silver heart each on a spinning ring 


Hammer texture heart stud earrings

Handmade fine silver hammered texture hearts on sterling silver studs


Patterned curved circle earrings

Handmade round silver dangle earrings with pattern detail and a slight curve


Turquoise dangle earrings
Chinese turquoise dangle earrings

Handmade silver set chinese turquoise dangle earrings. These stones have a lovely blue colour with light brown markings running through them


Polished heart stud earrings

Handmade small heart stud earrings 


4 Hearts personalised necklace

4 Handcut outline heart shapes each personalised with the names of your loved ones


Map of Wales Necklace
Map of Wales Necklace

A Handcut, handmade map of Wales necklace with the north, mid and South Wales borders marked on


Labradorite in a circle pendant
Labradorite in a circle pendant

A handmade pendant with a labradorite stone setting with a silver outer circle finished on a snake chain


Ear cuff (single)
Ear cuff (single)

A single handmade earcuff with a polished finish