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Sterling Silver Pieces>Earrings with stone settings

Earrings with stone settings

A collection of handmade sterling silver earrings with stone settings

Rose Quartz dangle earrings

Rose quartz set in silver finished with sterling silver earwires


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Turquoise + Square dangle earrings
Turquoise + Square dangle earrings

A pair of Chinese turquoise stones set in silver with outline silver squares above and finished on silver earwires making these lovely dangle earrings 


Chinese Turquoise and Silver...

A handmade pair of silver dangle earrings made with Chinese turquoise stones and a silver circle above


Amethyst in a circle dangle earrings
Amethyst in a circle dangle...

An 8mm Amethyst stone with a 14mm outer circle available on hinged or standard earwires. 



Labradorite dangle earrings

Handmade silver earrings with a Labradorite stone setting finished on Sterling silver earwires


Amethyst dangle earrings

Beautiful Amethyst stones set in sterling silver and finished on Sterling silver earwires 


Amber dangle earrings - medium

Handmade Amber dangle earrings with an oval stone and finished on sterling silver earwires


Chinese turquoise stud earrings

Handmade sterling silver earrings with a 8mm Chinese turquoise stone setting