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A selection of handmade sterling silver bracelets

Wide hammered bangle
Wide hammered bangle

A wide continuous bangle with a hammered finish


Chunky heart charm braclet

A chunky handmade silver heart charm on a chunky belcher chain




Chunky disc charm bracelet

A handmade chunky disc charm on a ball chain bracelet finished with a lobster clasp


Personalised two hearts bracelet

A handmade open ended bracelet with two hearts each personalised with a single letter


Black onyx bracelet

A large oval black onyx stone set on one of my chunky oval bracelets


Planished four ended bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet with four intertwined ends, each planished to a soft edge


Spiral planished end bracelet

A handmade silver spiral shaped bracelet with planished ends to create a soft finish and polished to a lovely shine


Amber bracelet

A handmade silver open ended bracelet with an oval Amber stone setting


Loop ended bracelet

A handmade shaped silver bracelet with a loop end 


Rounded pattern bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet with a rounded pattern in the silver 


2 Hearts Bangle
2 Hearts Bangle

Two medium sized handmade hearts on a silver bangle with a polished finish and a slight twist to the bangle 


Polished two shapes bangle
Polished two shapes bangle

A handmade polished oval and hammered inner circle bangle


Spiral ended bracelet
Spiral ended bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet with spiral ends, hammer textured and a slightly rustic finish 


Chunky hammered bangle

A handmade heavy weight hammer textured bangle polished to a shiny finish


Tapered cuff

3 round pieces of silver which taper together at both ends


3 Lines Cuff Bangle

3 chunky rectangle shaped lines form this stylish bracelet which tapers slightly from one end to the other


Flower bangle

A sterling silver open ended bangle with a textured silver flower on the top. 


Forged silver overlap bangle

A silver bangle with forged ends which overlap but approx 4cm in the middle 


Forged silver bangle

a silver bangle with forged ends which almost meet in the middle 


Irregular circles bracelet

Sterling silver polished discs with cut out centres and smaller textured discs between finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp


Silver Spiral Shaped Upper Arm...

Handmade sterling silver upper arm bangle with the two ends lying with a gap between in a spiral like shape and textured forged detail on the ends