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Sterling Silver Pieces>Bangles / Bracelets

Bangles / Bracelets

A collection of handmade sterling silver bangles and bracelets

Spilt end chunky bangle
Spilt end chunky bangle

A heavy weight solid silver open ended oval shaped bangle with split and planished ends and a smooth polished finish


Four ended bangle

A solid silver bangle with four planished ends 


Running Hare Bangle
Running Hare Bangle

A solid sterling silver runnning hare bangle which is handcut from one piece of 2.5mm thick silver. Made to order in your size and available with the hare either smooth or with a hammered finish.  Please message me with the size required at time of ordering . 


Fluid curves bracelet

A heavy weight solid sterling silver bracelet with four strands joined together to create fluid curves


Name discs bracelet
Name discs bracelet

A silver belcher chain bracelet with chunky discs of graduating sizes which can be personalised with names or intials and stars between. Please email with names required once you have placed your order


Chunky oval bracelet
Chunky oval bracelet

A handmade solid silver heavy weight oval bracelet with a smooth polished finish


Wide hammered bangle
Wide hammered bangle

A wide continuous bangle with a choice of finish


Chunky heart charm bracelet

A chunky handmade silver heart charm on a chunky belcher chain



Chunky disc charm bracelet

A handmade chunky disc charm on a ball chain bracelet finished with a lobster clasp


Personalised two hearts bracelet

A handmade open ended bracelet with two hearts each personalised with a single letter


Black onyx bracelet

A large oval black onyx stone set on one of my chunky oval bracelets


Abstract Labradorite bracelet

A handmade Silver bracelet with a large Labradorite stone set on an abstract larger disc. This is a lovely stone making it a real statement piece


Planished four ended bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet with four intertwined ends, each planished to a soft edge


Spiral planished end bracelet

A handmade silver spiral shaped bracelet with planished ends to create a soft finish and polished to a lovely shine


Loop ended bracelet

A handmade shaped silver bracelet with a loop end 


Rounded pattern bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet with a rounded pattern in the silver 


2 Hearts Bangle
2 Hearts Bangle

Two medium sized handmade hearts on a silver bangle with a polished finish and a slight twist to the bangle 


Spiral ended bracelet
Spiral ended bangle

A handmade silver bangle with spiral ends, hammer textured and a slightly rustic finish 


Malachite bangle

A handmade silver bangle with a large malachite stone setting 


Chunky hammered bangle

A handmade heavy weight hammer textured bangle polished to a shiny finish


Tapered cuff

A solid sterling silver open ended bangle made with 3 round pieces of silver tapered and joined at each end


3 Lines Cuff Bangle

3 chunky rectangle shaped lines form this stylish bracelet which tapers slightly from one end to the other


Flower bangle

A sterling silver open ended bangle with a textured silver flower on the top. 


Forged silver overlap bangle

A silver bangle with forged ends which overlap but approx 4cm in the middle 


Forged silver bangle

A silver bangle with forged ends which almost meet in the middle 


Irregular circles bracelet

Sterling silver polished discs with cut out centres and smaller textured silve rdiscs between finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp


Silver Spiral Shaped Upper Arm...

Handmade sterling silver upper arm bangle with the two ends lying with a gap between in a spiral like shape and textured forged detail on the ends