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Sterling Silver Pieces>Bracelets


A selection of handmade sterling silver bracelets

Polished heart bangle

A handcut large silver heart finished to a shiny polish on an open ended silver bangle


Polished oval bangle

A handmade polished oval and hammered inner circle bangle


2 Hearts Bangle

Two handmade hearts on a silver bangle with a polished finish


Chunky hammered bangle

A handmade heavy weight hammer textured bangle polished to a shiny finish


Hook & Eye bangle

A handmade silver bangle with a hook and eye catch giving it that little bit of extra width for getting over your hand when opened, finished with a hammered texture


Malachite bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet with a large malachite stone setting 


Spiral ended bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet with spiral ends


Tapered cuff

3 round pieces of silver which taper together at both ends


3 Lines Cuff Bangle

3 chunky rectangle shaped lines form this stylish bracelet which tapers slightly from one end to the other


Irregular circles bracelet

Sterling silver polished discs with cut out centres and smaller textured discs between finished with a sterling silver toggle clasp


Silver flower bangle

A sterling silver open ended bangle with a textured silver flower on the top. 


Elegant cuff

 Polished silver narrow cuff with angled ends 


Silver heart bangle

A handmade silver bangle with a single small patterned silver heart in the centre, shaped to a slight spiral this bangle can be stretched or squeezed slightly to fit. 


Forged silver overlap bangle

A silver bangle with forged ends which overlap but approx 4cm in the middle 


Forged silver bangle

a silver bangle with forged ends which almost meet in the middle 


Stacking bracelets

Handmade sterling silver stacking bracelets can be worn alone or with lots! Available with a variety of different patterns on the outer edge or can be left smooth and a variety of different sizes too. 


Fluorite bracelet

Handmade sterling silver bangle with an off centre fluorite stone setting on a silver disc. Finished to a high polish this bracelet is shaped so that the stone will stay at the top of your wrist. This is a hallmarked piece


Personalised spiral bracelet

Handmade sterling silver spiral shaped bracelet with a handcut gold heart on both ends and personalised with names or messages of your choice. Text can be on either the inner or outer side of the bracelet or both as long as it fits! The one pictured has 5 names on the outer side and a message on the inside. 


Silver cloth

Perfect for keeping your silver looking as good as new, I use these cloths myself and find the results are very good. 


Rounded pattern bracelet

A handmade silver bracelet with a rounded pattern in the silver 


Loop ended bracelet

A handmade shaped silver bracelet with a loop end 


Amber bracelet

A handmade silver open ended bracelet with an oval Amber stone setting


Double sided paw print bracelet

A handmade sterling silver heart with your pets paw print on the front and the option of their name on the back, finished on a sterling silver chain with a lobster clasp


3 loops necklace

Handmade silver itregularly shaped rings with a flattened shape finished with a silver snake chain